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Student Organizing

Equity and Excellence in Practice

Equity and Excellence in Practice: A Guide for Higher Education in Prison by Tanya Erzen, Mary R. Gould, and Jody Lewen documents the key characteristics of high-quality prison higher education programs, and informs stakeholders in the field, including new and experienced practitioners seeking to achieve equity and excellence in their work, policy leaders, philanthropy, and others. This study is a joint project of the Prison University Project and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison.

California Community Colleges Fair Chance Hiring Policy Guidance FAQ for Students

The FAQs were developed for community college students with an arrest or conviction record to learn about their rights and responsibilities when seeking employment with a local California community college.

How to Start a Student Club

This is a toolkit for formerly incarcerated students in California Community Colleges. It was created based on input from formerly incarcerated students throughout California.

Notes from the Field

Corrections to College is highlighting the role of formerly incarcerated students advocating and organizing on their campus to amplify their collective voice for social and cultural change in higher education.

Formerly Incarcerated College Student Fund Application

Corrections to College seeks to broaden pathways and educational successes for currently and formerly incarcerated students in California’s public colleges and universities. As part of our goal, we seek to amplify the voices of formerly incarcerated college students and graduates and build a corps of formerly incarcerated students and graduates who can advocate and lead the field. We are offering 30 scholarships to formerly incarcerated students and graduates. Read the full application for details on eligibility. 

Formerly Incarcerated Resource Resolution

The Associated Student Government of San Bernardino Valley College passed a Formerly Incarcerated Resource Resolution that will embrace programs to help formerly incarcerated individuals transition from prisons to campuses.

Project Rebound Sac State Student Agreement

The Project Rebound Program at Sac State offers student wraparound support (academic counseling, peer mentoring, FASFA assistance, tutoring, etc.) and limited financial resources to support eligible students with completing their baccalaureate or graduate program. In order to encourage active participation Project Rebound at Sac State has created a student support agreement. This can be used as an example to anyone interested in better serving students in a future or existing student organization.

Project Rebound Scholar Agreement

Project Rebound at Cal State Fullerton created a student agreement for participation that can be used as an example for those looking to increase active participation in their on campus student organizations. This contract outlines minimum requirements and expectations for those involved in Project Rebound, in order to encourage deeper student involvement and opportunities to provide support. 

Underground Scholars Initiative Bylaws

If you’re thinking about starting a student group, or looking to update your current group’s bylaws, check out this document created by the Underground Scholars Initiative. Their bylaws are divided into articles and clearly layout the roles, mission, and structure of the organization.