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Program Models

Project Rebound: Expanded

Project Rebound published a brochure providing an overview of their offerings, and contact information for their 8 regional programs on CSU campuses. It is a great resource for anyone looking to find out more about Project Rebound at a glance. 

Equity and Excellence in Practice

Equity and Excellence in Practice: A Guide for Higher Education in Prison by Tanya Erzen, Mary R. Gould, and Jody Lewen documents the key characteristics of high-quality prison higher education programs, and informs stakeholders in the field, including new and experienced practitioners seeking to achieve equity and excellence in their work, policy leaders, philanthropy, and others. This study is a joint project of the Prison University Project and the Alliance for Higher Education in Prison.

College in Jail Toolkit: How to Build a Successful Partnership Between a Sheriff’s Department and a Community College

This toolkit will assist California’s community colleges and Sheriff’s Departments as they build partnerships to provide college education inside county jails.

Bakersfield College Inmate Scholars Program Fact Sheet

The Inmate Scholars Program at Bakersfield College created a Fact Sheet to report upon the services and courses that their program offers, demographics of students served, the level of success that their students have achieved so far. 

Project Rebound Sac State Student Agreement

The Project Rebound Program at Sac State offers student wraparound support (academic counseling, peer mentoring, FASFA assistance, tutoring, etc.) and limited financial resources to support eligible students with completing their baccalaureate or graduate program. In order to encourage active participation Project Rebound at Sac State has created a student support agreement. This can be used as an example to anyone interested in better serving students in a future or existing student organization.

Project Rebound Scholar Agreement

Project Rebound at Cal State Fullerton created a student agreement for participation that can be used as an example for those looking to increase active participation in their on campus student organizations. This contract outlines minimum requirements and expectations for those involved in Project Rebound, in order to encourage deeper student involvement and opportunities to provide support. 

Toolkit for Colleges and Universities Seeking to Foster Success for Formerly Incarcerated Students

The toolkit is based on input from students, faculty, administrators and staff on campuses throughout the state, and has three sections:
Essential Program Elements and Services details how a campus can fully implement a program to support formerly incarcerated students.
Informal Strategies identifies a number of specific no- and low-cost steps that can be taken to support formerly incarcerated students while the campus is building a fully implemented program.
Student Perspective synthesizes the input of many formerly incarcerated students and graduates about what they want and what advice they would give to upcoming students.

Project Change’s Three Phase Model

Project Change provides college services inside juvenile youth facilities and runs a bridge program at College of San Mateo that provides students a clear pathway and support network for success. Check out their three phase model.