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CCCCO Memo – Textbook Reimbursement for Community Colleges Teaching in State Prisons

In order to support the Guided Pathways Initiative and the Chancellor’s Office Vision for Success, colleges seeking reimbursement much certify that the material is for courses and programs in the following areas:

1. Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) in Communications, Sociology and/or Psychology;

2. The Golden Four (oral communications, written communications, critical thinking, and/or mathematics/quantitative reasoning) to satisfy the requirements for entry into the California State University system.

3. Reproduction expenses for the above.

Priority will be given to colleges providing face-to-face instruction. Should funds remain as of June 1, 2020, additional requests for reimbursements will be considered for other ADT programs and for courses that are transferable. A reminder, colleges are always encouraged to first use open education resources, when possible.