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Project Rebound Cal State Fullerton Scholar Agreement

Program Requirements
Rebound Scholars are expected to demonstrate a sustained drive to succeed, to be responsive to
and maintain consistent communication with Project Rebound staff, and to participate in
program functions, meetings, and workshops as fully as they are capable. The following
program requirements are designed to enhance the capacity of Rebound Scholars to acclimate
to the university, succeed academically, and develop the academic, leadership, and
social/professional skills necessary to graduate from Cal State Fullerton and achieve their
postgraduate goals. Initial each item to affirm your comprehension and commitment.
1) _________ I agree to seek additional academic support from Project Rebound staff if
my semester grade point average drops below 3.0.
2) _________ I agree to schedule and show up for regular Office Visits with Project
Rebound staff (i.e., at least twice a month during my first year in the program, at least
once a month thereafter). These visits serve as opportunities to explore the scholars’
needs, connect the scholar to relevant forms of support, and troubleshoot any existing
or potential concerns.
3) _________ I agree to regularly attend Rebound Scholar Peer-to-Peer Support
Meetings (minimum of 3 per semester). These meetings typically occur on Fridays (7
to 10 times per semester) and are opportunities for peer-to-peer mentorship, education,
support, and community-building. They are also a means of group determination and

4) _________ I agree to regularly attend Project Rebound Scholar Development

Workshops (minimum of 3 per semester). These workshops are designed to
facilitate the college and postgraduate professional success of Rebound Scholars. They
are organized around specific skill sets and issues, such as:
• learning in a college environment
• navigating student/professor
• study skills
• time management strategies
• course planning
• stress & academic anxiety management
• student loans & financial literacy
• computer & web literacy
• résumé building
• job interview skills
5) _________ I agree to participate in at least 1 community outreach, service, or social
justice event per semester. These are opportunities for Rebound Scholars to sharpen
their communication skills and help expand opportunities for formerly incarcerated
people. Rebound staff may call upon Scholars or assist them with identifying events or
programs of interest and will periodically send out community outreach opportunities
to Scholars via email.
6) _________ I agree to submit Academic Progress Reports on time. Academic progress
reports are designed to facilitate Rebound Scholar success by enabling students, in
concert with faculty and staff, to identify needed academic supports and improvements
before it is too late. Therefore, Scholars must submit them on time.
7) _________ I agree to attend Program Gatherings. Project Rebound typically holds 4 to 6
program gatherings per academic year. These include: the Bridge Program (a 3-day
course held before the start of each semester), the Rebound Awards Ceremony (held
at the end of the fall semester), the spring semester Open House, the Graduation
Reception (held at the end of the spring semester), and the Annual Retreat (typically
held after the spring semester). These gatherings are community-building and
networking opportunities; some are also intended to enable Rebound Scholars and staff
to recognize student achievements and evaluate and discuss program improvement.