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Project Rebound Sac State Student Agreement

Project Rebound Student Support Agreement

The Project Rebound Program offers student wraparound support (academic counseling, peer mentoring, FASFA assistance, tutoring, etc.) and limited financial resources to support eligible students with completing their baccalaureate or graduate program.  A Rebound Scholar who is actively participating and enrolled at Sacramento State may be eligible for a voucher to use at the campus bookstore to buy/rent books and other materials for the academic semester. Rebound Scholars may also be eligible for limited emergency funds (housing, food etc.) if they agree to the following below.

I, ______________________________, understand that to be in the Project Rebound Program, I must be actively participating in the program, as well as making progress towards my degree.  I will need to abide by the following requirements

  • Meet face-to-face to check in and discuss progress, supportive services, and academic plans with Project Rebound staff at least 3 times during the semester
  • Participate in at least 3 Project Rebound events (e.g. ice cream social, workshops, film screenings, professional development, etc.) per year
  • Be responsive to staff communications such as responding to phone calls and emails