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Project Rebound Brochure


PR is a growing collaboration of college support programs uniquely equipped to help formerly incarcerated people access and navigate higher education at California State Universities. 

Founded in 1967 at San Francisco University (SFSU) by Dr. John Irwin, who had been incarcerated prior to earning his PH.D and becoming a tenured professor at SFSU for 26 years and nurturing PR’s philosophy for others to implement.  


Based on the longterm success, the CSU Chancellor, and Governor Newsom’s support further expansion through the CSU system.      

Since 2016 PR has been expanding and is currently established on 9 campuses with efforts to multiply to others soon. The sole purpose is to ensure that the PR model is available to guide the way from incarceration to liberation for all those who want access. We consider ourselves living examples of successful reintegration in a college setting. 

The Project Rebound Consortium advocates for dignity and equity, fosters community building, and encourages justice dialogue