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List of Regionally Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions

Under Prop 57, when they successfully obtain a GED, high school diploma, Associate of Arts or Science degree, Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, or a graduate degree (Masters or Doctorate) while incarcerated. For attainment of an Associate, Bachelor or graduate degree, the incarcerated student will receive a credit of six months so long as at least 50 percent of the courses leading to the degree were completed during the person’s current term of incarceration. This credit may be awarded for each level of educational achievement only once. EMC can be applied for degree attainment that occurred prior to Prop 57 so long as the degree was earned during the incarcerated student’s current term of incarceration. 

In order to be eligible for Educational Merit Credits, the college degree must be earned from a regionally accredited institution. Click the button below to view the list of all regionally accredited institutions.