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How to run a student centered program: Open Gate’s Project RISE

Relentless Intelligent Student Empowerment!

I. Introduction to Purpose/Goal(s)/Communication/Money and time management/ Thought process/NA and AA support/Family re-connect support/etc.

  1) Nearly 650,000 people are released from prisons each year in the United State. Individuals discharging from Correctional facilities (jails/prisons) have many needs; including housing, family re-connecting support, jobs, and health care very quickly and insure that they do not develop into overwhelming barriers to a successful reentry.  Virtually all of the participants in Open Gate Inc. will receive case management and employment services, including soft ware skills training and job placement assistance. In addition, some participants can take advantage of other Wraparound services such as GED classes, alcohol and drug counseling, including many other service that are provided on and off campus. The importance of such services is well known. While dependable and supportive mentoring relationships can be a crucial component of a re-entry initiative. Mental service can on campus and other services can be provided off campus at a near, such as NA/AA programs, anger management classes, creating a study groups within the group.