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CCCCO Expenditure Memo 2016-2017

RE:  2016-17 Expenditures for Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity Program, and Student Success and Support Program

The Chancellor’s Office is implementing a number of program and procedure changes with the goal of providing colleges with enhanced flexibility, tools, support, and technical assistance to help you better serve your students. In keeping with this goal, this memo announces changes related to 2016-17 expenditure rules for Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), Student Equity (SE), and Student Success and Support Program (SSSP). Please note that in the near future, the Chancellor’s Office will also be announcing changes to BSI, SE, and SSSP planning and reporting that will take effect in 2017-18. That guidance will be issued separately.

Beginning with the 2016-17 funding year, colleges and districts will have two full years to expend BSI, SE, and SSSP allocations. Thus, colleges will have until June 30, 2018, to spend funds from all three programs allocated for the 2016-2017 academic year and beyond. BSI has authorized two-year spending cycles for some time; extending the same parameters to SE and SSSP is one of several steps the Chancellor’s Office is taking toward a larger goal of integration.

Although in recent years mid-year reports for SE and SSSP have been due in March, they will not be due in spring this year.  Instead, colleges will report on expenditures in fall 2017; specifics details on the information required in the report and deadlines will be released in the coming months.

The attached Expenditure Guidelines are effective immediately for all three programs. These guidelines offer institutions the flexibility to determine which activities and associated expenditures best allow completion of the institution’s student success goals. They also reflect the Chancellor’s Office intention to support local flexibility, reduce focus on compliance, and provide support and technical assistance to help colleges achieve their goals.  Each program retains its own focus, requirements under law and regulation, and allocations; integration of these three programs does not constitute a move to a “block grant” approach.

2016-17 Expenditures for Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity Program,

and Student Success and Support Program

February 14, 207

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The Chancellor’s Office will hold two webinar training events for interested faculty and staff.  We anticipate many questions before and during the webinars, so we will be creating an FAQ to post on our newly created Integrated Planning webpage shortly after the webinars. Please join us for one or both of the webinars at the following dates and times:

All questions should be directed to rather than staff associated separately with the three programs. A central repository for questions will allow us to be consistent with our answers and to gather FAQs that will be helpful technical assistance to colleges.