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On Campus

Project Rebound: Expanded

Project Rebound published a brochure providing an overview of their offerings, and contact information for their 8 regional programs on CSU campuses. It is a great resource for anyone looking to find out more about Project Rebound at a glance. 

How to Start a Student Club

This is a toolkit for formerly incarcerated students in California Community Colleges. It was created based on input from formerly incarcerated students throughout California.

Using Criminal History Records in Hiring: CCCCO Policy Guidance

The Chancellor for the California Community Colleges issued groundbreaking Policy Guidance intended to expand hiring for qualified students, faculty and staff with criminal records. The Policy Guidance accompanies the legal advisory issued on December 31, 2018. A robust fair chance hiring policy positions the community colleges and districts to expand their applicant pools to compete effectively for talented, qualified, and motivated employees. We are proud to have worked with the National Employment Law Project and the Stanford Criminal Justice Center to support the Chancellor in these important efforts.

Using Criminal History Records in Hiring: CCCCO Legal Guidance

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office released Legal Advisory relating to the use of criminal history in hiring. The purpose of the Advisory is to provide a survey of the applicable laws, and to suggest approaches to employment decisions that will help community colleges comply with their legal obligations.  

2019 Leadership Institute Application FAQ

This application FAQ will guide you through questions or concerns you may have about filling out the 2019 Leadership Institute Application. If you have other questions that were not addressed on this sheet, please email 

2019 Leadership Institute Application

Applications are due on Monday, October 22 by 5 p.m. Criteria is listed on the document. Please send completed applications or questions to 

2019 Leadership Institute Announcement

The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the Stanford Criminal Justice Center, and Underground Scholars at the University of California, Berkeley announce a new Leadership Institute for California Community Colleges dedicated to developing, implementing and institutionalizing on-campus support services for formerly incarcerated students. Fifteen to 20 colleges will be selected, and each college will be expected to participate with a team including a formerly incarcerated student. 

Chancellor’s Office Legal Opinion on Residency of Formerly Incarcerated Students

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office of the General Counsel released a legal opinion on residency regarding students who were moved out of state during incarceration. 

California Probation Officer Fact Sheet

This fact sheet outlines how California Probation Officers can utilize local community colleges to support the individuals under their supervision toward better job prospects, higher incomes, and lower likelihoods of recidivism.

Data Summary: Formerly Incarcerated Student Programs at California Community Colleges

73 of the 114 California Community Colleges completed a survey on campus programming for formerly incarcerated students. Here are the results of that survey.